This is a companion to my other Bird of the Day blog, which focuses on birds I have seen in Victoria, Canada.

In March 2014, my husband and I traveled to Australia. These are the birds I photographed during our time in Melbourne and Tasmania. All of the pictures were taken with my Nikon D3100, which is an entry-level digital SLR camera, and my new AF-S VR 70-300 mm f/4.5-5.G IF ED lens.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Scarlet Robin

Petroica multicolor

Small, plump bird
Medium-sized robin
White forehead
     Black head, neck and upperparts
     Scarlet breast
     Whitish lower underparts
     White wing bars and outer tail feathers
     Brown upperparts and wings
     Orange-red wash on breast
     White lower underparts

We are currently staying at a delightful cottage outside of Port Arthur on the Tasman Peninsula. The property is alive with birds (and wallabies), including these little ones who seem to have taken up permanent residence in the front bushes.

Learn more about the Scarlet Robin.

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